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What are Facebook video views?

Our Facebook video views service involves the natural promotion of a Facebook video by sharing broadcasting across our high-quality social media communities.

We focus on audience relevancy and stimulating engagement behaviour in order to maximise the appeal of the video and its uptake by a larger audience than what the video would receive on its own.

If you would like to see your Facebook video go viral to the best of its potential, give it a kick-start with one of our packages and watch people’s treatment of the video change from indifference to interaction.

Push THEN steer!

As the old saying goes: Push the bike first, steer it later.

Viral marketing is about perception and momentum above all else. Once you get on a roll, stay on a roll.

In order to properly get on a roll, you need the help of high quality Facebook users who other facebook users rely on for content. We call them “nodes”. These nodes are people who themselves control audiences, and have the power to expose your video to a large amount of people in a very short space of time, with solid engagement results.

Why don’t I just use Facebook’s own paid boosting service?

You certainly should! Facebook can target very specific audience demographics and very specific locations.

The benefits of our services is guaranteed engagement and a lot more views for the money you spend. With the use of viral networks that are ready and waiting to engage, we boost the video with an intensity and natural momentum that you could use to prepare your video before you boost it with Facebook.

After a couple of our campaigns, your video will already have some viral capital, so that when you pay Facebook to boost it out to your target niche/s you get more out of that campaign.

Reach out!

If you’d feel more comfortable touching base with us before placing your first order, or if there’s something you’d like to know about our service, flick us an email at and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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5K Facebook Video VIEWS

5,000 real facebook video views by quality real facebook fans. Project completed in 3 days by Video Views International.

Buy 5K Facebook Video Views

Most Facebook Videos have less than 2,000 views why not order a 5,000 video views campaign across all your videos and turn some heads!

All you need to provide us with is the link to your Facebook Video, which you paste into the text box at the Video Views Checkout. Done! Within hours your video will be viewed by eager Facebookers, you’ll see the view count getting healthier and healthier, and you’ll also be pleased to see some Likes and engagement too. The campaign will be completed within 2 days.

Real Video Views

Thanks to our high quality Facebook social media communities, your video will get the boost that it needs.

Guaranteed Real Likes and engagement

We will show your video to the audience/s most likely to enjoy it, and we guarantee you quality Likes and engagement as part of the service.

When you buy 5K Facebook video views you will certainly get more views than that on your video by the end of the campaign.

It’s a guaranteed minimum 5,000 views but we let your video go as viral as it can, we don’t just “cut you off” when it gets to 5K, we do our job and we let your video do it’s best!

Professional Customer Support

Throughout your order and at any time you need us, we are here. Trained viral marketing professionals with over ten years’ experience ready 24 hours a day to serve you.

If you have any questions email us at or visit for more info.

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The Social Video Division at Video Views International. We are not connected to or affiliated with Facebook in any way. Our team of qualified marketing experts, each with over ten years of experience, generate high retention, real views for Facebook videos across our many and varied, focused and engaging online social networks.
As the world's leading provider of viral video marketing services across YouTube, Vevo and Facebook, we serve thousands of artists, labels, celebrities, organisations, brands, marketers and content enthusiasts, delivering outstanding results and satisfying everyone with the exemplary customer service for which we've become renowned.