The BookersSocial Video Team

Between them these guys have seen more cat videos than a horse has hair.

Much AppreciatedCommunity Management

The fastest-moving and most energy-sapping gig in the entire agency. Believe it.

Healthy TensionTwo bosses are better than one!

They love each other. They hate losing. They fight like dogs. They cuddle like baby bears.

Being ThereCustomer Service

They work the most because they have no life outside work. It’s not the other way round.

Coding & CoffeeTechnical Support

The special pair with privileged access to the radiation room. They brew great mochas.

The NavigatorsStrategy & S.E.O.

Don’t ask them a question unless you’ve got Wikipedia ready and half a day spare.

Our Ethos

If you can’t tell by the statement at the top of the page, the Video Views International ethos savours strongly of collaboration, initiation, innovation and dedication. The quality performance results and outstanding customer service that we deliver is indicative of the standards we demand from each other.

We are a “no-seniority” orgnanisation, as evidenced by the fact that our Leadership Team is also a part of our Customer Service Team.

Your Service

Promptitude, Professionalism, Positivity

Firstly, the customer service you will experience from us will be fast. We get back to our customers as quickly and as helpfully as we possibly can, as outlined by our Pride Principles of Promptitude, Professionalism and Positivity. We are available 24 hours a day and aim to respond to all enquiries within 4 working hours in your time zone.

Secondly, we are both passionate and knowledgeable in the areas of viral marketing, music production and promotion. All of us are trained and educated to deliver the level of Professionalism you expect from a personal service organisation that is being trusted with your media property.

Thirdly, we embrace and foster a culture of Positivity which means you will always encounter a pleasant, encouraging attitude in your dealings with us – it’s not just how we write emails and do business, it’s who we are. It’s who already were even before we joined.

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