Viral Wizardry

We have been responsible for some of the biggest videos in history.

Since the inception of digital “virality” our agency has been studying and applying the craft of how, when, why and with what supplements to send a video truly viral.

The preparation and follow-up strategies available. How to maximise profit, coverage, mainstream media cross-over, the whole Video Views International offering.

Rest assured it’s not as glamorous as it looks, a lot of work goes into the process and execution of viral marketing. Often our work floor resembles one of those fast-paced dynamic American newsrooms of the 1960s … just with less bell-bottom jeans, less courageous sideburns and more bras.

Industry Ethics

Let’s be frank, the video views generation industry is dodgy. We are acutely aware of the abysmal reputation of the video views sector, but it doesn’t deter us from our goals or dent our self-belief by even a smidgen.

We know and love the science of genuine viral marketing – behavioural and digital. We see astounding things happen everyday on the job, and all of has would say hand-on-heart there’s nothing else we’d rather be doing.

Our unique methods of promoting online properties led us to pioneer the area of viral Facebook video promotion. Facebook video will be responsible for the single greatest achievement in social media history in terms of size and engagement of viewers on one platform. It’s only just gotten started.

Personal Service

In our view, when you have a largely digital relationship with your business and your customers, it’s critical to apply the caring touch, to go the extra mile by breaking down the barriers between the business and the buyer proactively.

We take great care of our customers and their assets, and also grab every opportunity we can to further the relationship.

We are constantly cognisant of the humanity in what we do. The importance of truth and sincerity. The urgency with which the world needs must rediscover its connectedness, and the role that social media is playing in this regard. It’s a bit violinish, but gives you some insight into why we do what we do.

Real, banana peel.

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